Maledicus, written by Charles F. French, was an interesting and well-written novel. I found myself glued to the pages because the events which took place in the book were mostly unpredictable. There were many aspects of the novel which contributed to my liking such as the short chapters, flashbacks, and exciting storyline.

The short chapters contained throughout the novel were one of my favorite aspects. I enjoyed the short, almost choppy, chapters because they added to the suspense and fear present in the story. I found myself unable to put the book down. The short chapters created cliffhangers which always left me looking for more. I found myself continually guessing what would happen next and creating somewhat of my own storyline in my head. I believe that author Charles F. French utilized the short chapters well as he effectively created more suspense and fear using this writing style.

While the short chapters were perhaps my favorite aspect of the book, I also enjoyed the flashbacks a great deal. The flashbacks were useful in developing the characters throughout the novel. I believe that the flashbacks were an essential aspect of the book— they allowed for constant character development and helped provide a backstory for all the characters to explain their actions. The flashbacks made it evident that a lot of time was put into the characters because their past was outlined in detail. This aspect of the novel allowed me to become more connected with the characters; I had sympathy for what they had to deal with.

I thoroughly enjoyed Maledicus as I felt connected to the characters through the flashbacks and was constantly reading to find out what was going to happen next. While the storyline was interesting, I believe the use of flashbacks and short chapters helped bolster the storyline by creating suspense and fear. I think that author Charles F. French did an excellent job in combining these aspects of the novel with the storyline to develop a detailed horror novel, unlike many others. I am interested to see what the other books in this series hold.

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